Stories of customer satisfaction .....

The flexibility that the unit provides is amazing…we highly recommend this product to anyone who makes deliveries in and out of vans, box trucks, etc.
— Robert Stuart, MDS Plastics
We moved a heavy wood and metal bookcase with great ease with the Attachit Strap on our small hand dolly. In fact, my husband was able to do it one-handed, no strain, no other person trying to help.
— Carole B. Homeowner, Boulder, CO
We move a number of large, heavy items when remodeling our suites...desks, tables, lateral file cabinets, bookcases, etc. Our crew is impressed that you can move large items through doorways by turning the wheels sideways and just pushing it through. When they do it by hand, many times we would have to set the object down, turn it on the edge and then carry it through the doorway. Also, it helps us to maneuver bulky items into small areas. Saves us time and one man can usually move the items.
— Carl Taibi, Facilities Manager LDC Properties
“We’ve had our hand truck for about a year and it has been really useful. We love that you can easily turn the wheels to move in any direction. The attachit strap is a nice feature when you are moving bulky items. We find ourselves moving objects of all shapes, sizes and weights, and this has really come in handy. We highly recommend this hand truck. It is a really nice upgrade from a regular dolly.”

— Katie Herrera, Aztec Manufacturing
I have an “old” dolly and I needed to move a large old wooden slot machine, a two person job. Picked up an Attachit Strap and it transformed my old dolly into a one person, easy to move, machine. Have since moved a refriferator and a 1930’s gas porcelain stove by myself. Thanks for this little invention-it has made my life easier.
— Kevin R.. Homeowner & Landlord, Pueblo, Colorado
We purchased the 360-Hand Truck Dolly primarily for use in our warehouse. Managing the footprint inside the warehouse is much easier now with the addition of that dolly. Not only does the 45-90 degree options aide in sliding heavier items in position, it helps us do it safely which is huge here in our work environment. The crew has even moved this dolly in other areas of the plant for the same benefits. Thank you for the valuable addition to our plant.
— Paul H, Plant Manager