Safety Tips for Everyone

Safety must be your primary concern when you're using your hand truck in your house, in your yard, at your rental property, or at your friend's house on moving day. And everybody has "that" friend who always calls on you to help with a move, promising beer and pizza.

Here are a few safety tips to remember whether you're moving or replacing that unwieldy refrigerator, clearing those boxes out of the garage to actually make room for a car or, just as our customer Vince does, putting his grass clippings in his trash barrel attached to his hand truck with the Attachit Strap.

These suggestions from TOOLBOXTOPICS.COM (, OSHA, and The Hand Truck Company, LLC, will provide guidance for the safe use of your hand truck:

1) Use a hand truck that is appropriate for the job or load to be carried--check for the load limit if you are moving something over 250 lbs.

2) When stacking boxes, place the heaviest load on the bottom. DON'T stack the boxes so high that you can't see where you're going

3) Position the load forward over the axles so the truck, not the handles, carry the weight

4) Clear your path

5) Don't walk backwards. It's safer to push rather than pull

6) Keep the hand truck under control--especially if going downhill or down a truck ramp

7) Tie or secure any bulky, awkward, or delicate objects--the Attachit Strap was made for this!

8) Wear sturdy shoes with nonskid soles

9) Let the hand truck do the work for you. If you're really in a tight spot, the steerable Hand Truck 360 will help you safely move items without straining your muscles

10) Take your time so that you move your items safely and securely. Drink that beer AFTER you're finished with the move....