Judy Kochevar 

Judy Kochevar 

While working on a home improvement project, Richard Cortese had to transfer 4’X 8’ sheets of plywood from the storage shed to the garage. Cortese had to hand-carry each individual sheet of plywood out of the storage shed, through the gate, along the side of the house, and finally into the garage. He wondered why there wasn’t an easier way for this chore?

Since all dollies have wheels that only go forward and backward, the Hand Truck 360 was invented and patented. By using triggers at hand level, it glides safely in any direction

Cortese enlisted the help of his cousin, Judy Kochevar to help with the business side of things and The Hand Truck Company, LLC was founded.

When a Service Master franchisee was testing the Hand Truck 360, he asked if there was any way a secure strap could be mounted onto the dolly. Taking that as a challenge, Cortese designed and developed a prototype attachable/removable strap mount for the Hand Truck 360. After more testing,  the patented, adjustable Load 'N Lock Attachit Strap was designed  and manufactured. It fits most utility dollies sold at Home Depot and Lowe’s and rented at UHaul and 

Both the hand truck and strap mounts can be customized to fit our customers’ needs.

We are a family-owned company located in Pueblo, Colorado, and we hope to change the way that you safely move product!


Winner of the Pueblo Entrepreneurship Competition